What I did for this project:


lo-ol type Studio

3d motion video

3D modeling is done in Blender and Houdini for the main page. This concept harkens back to the craft of type design. Although usually associated with molten lead, we aimed for a stone carving experience that reveals the beauty of letters and glyphs.


The interactive block presenting each collection of the foundry collection. Each of these possess a whole identity based on the typeface history. Some are historical and some answer a technical challenge.

Image of the playground for each individual collection fonts

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Image of event cards

Different kind of full screen card are used to highlight services and events.

Image of type tester and divider block

From desktop to mobile, the user have access to a playground section. This help him testing the typeface and changing weight, width, optical size and many other properties.

Image of event page of lo-ol

The studio also organizes event. Each page tells a different stories about the future workshop or talk that will touch typography, design or type design.

Image of article and event cards

Different kind of cards were created to organizes the different kind of content

Image of communication material

Image of communication mixing pure flat typography and motion made both in Blender and AfterEffect.