What I did for this project:



View of product page header

The website places the highlight more on the story behind each models than purely displaying those as it would be done on an e-commerce website.

View of light version of a product in both desktop and mobile

The website showcases the technical side of the watch through a storytelling approach where the further you scroll the deeper you get in the discovery of this artful object.

Detail view of gallery image detail of the maximus or squama products

On the website, you have the opportunity to explore the extensive catalogue of timepieces meticulously crafted by this Watch Maker, originally from Armenia. Each timepiece is a testament to the fine craftsmanship and poetry injected into each watch concept. You are invited to immerse yourself in the world of horology and discover the excellence that this Neuchâtel based Watch Maker consistently delivers with each and every one of its watches.

Mobile and desktop detail view of product

Since the core activity of Kerbedanz is watchmaking, the owners have diversified their craft into various accessories, each directly linked to the history of a specific model.

View of promoted product and a block to contact the design officer

The website lets the visitor discover the atelier of the Chief Design Officer where ideas are turned into pieces of art.

View of the blog on desktop and the details blocks on mobile

A significant aspect of the website involves sharing knowledge and history. The goal is to introduce the Armenian tradition of jewelry-making and high-precision craftsmanship to an audience appreciative of the watch-making craft. We developed a rich-content module with many options to display video, image and up to interactive 3D content to deep dive into each mechanism and product