A decade

Starting in 2004 with a diploma on multimedia design, Loris Olivier moved to San Francisco to study graphic design. Graduating in 2013, driven by his passion for type, he decided to study type design in Switzerland. After being accepted to the Art Direction program at ECAL, Loris studied one year before transferring in The Hague, The Netherlands. Loris graduated in 2015 with a master in Type & Media from the Royal Academy of Arts of The Hague.

Absolutely passionate about typography, interactive, graphic and type design, Loris likes to develop solutions that go beyond the expected. Allying curiosity, attention to detail, and a fast adaptation to different contexts, Loris likes to work on a very diverse range of subject

How do I

In any projects, I try to cover the research, the conceptualisation and the production. Whether it is a brand project, a digital product or a web development one, I thrive when I have the whole project map in mind.

In a purely technical sense, I have worked in business requirement and strategy context which put me in front of different kind of stakeholders. From this point on, I have conducted and participated in many different kind of research, wether they have been related to user experience (UX) or concept validation. Workshops and one on one interview have been an important activity of mine during these last years. Having acquired a certain amount of knoweldge from these field and desktop research, I have developped different type of prototype, static, analoguous or interactive one, to build solid architecture for product or campaigns. Trained as a visual designer and in art direction, I also embrace the purely visual phase in which typography is one of my strongest suit. During a lots of project, I have been lucky enough to work with teams that let me developped motion skills.

Fascinated by tool building, I have worked for many year on typefaces and font development. I have built on top of that some skills in frontend development, React, Next, Vue and Nuxt, which give me the ability to understand and practice more of the creative process.