typographic design

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Typography lies at the heart of many design disciplines. It involves understanding and practicing everything from typeface design to their application in layouts and typographic systems. Understanding type means training the eye to use individual letters to create hierarchy and design systems. My daily work involves applying these principles in static, interactive, and dynamic contexts.

design systems
type design
custom fonts

interactive design

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My approach to product design, whether it's a brand website or an application, revolves around strategy and the business environment. User research forms the core of my process. To implement the feedback and test results, it's essential to embed all this data into a structure that can support the entire business behind the product. From conception to user experience and research loops, to designing the interface and interactions, I strive to deliver products that satisfy both stakeholders and users.

product design
User interface
User experience

graphic design

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Brand identity and print design are passions of mine because they are such powerful storytelling tools. To me, a brand can be a product provider, a campaign, a cultural event, or a service. I approach each project with a unique design practice appropriate for the audience. My experience ranges from print projects such as books, booklets, and magazines, to spatial mediums like posters and packaging.

brand identity

Creative development

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Driven by curiosity, I've acquired both frontend and backend development skills over the past 5 years. Through e-learning platforms and colleagues, I've had the opportunity to be mentored by many incredible professional engineers. While I've worked with various backend solutions, Sanity is my favorite. On the frontend, I've worked with both Vue and React. Currently, I use Next.js to develop optimal solutions for websites and applications.