What I did for this project:


Hospitality Management School

View of the mobile app introduction

Nothing more tells you that you’re in good company than someone greeting you personally. This is a golden rule of any hospitality business, and that’s why the application process for this highly competitive hospitality school start by a warm personal welcome

Detail view of the step planning screen

Applying to a new program is a lengthy process. The app offers an overview of all the steps, the time it takes to go through each step, and how many of those steps are already successfully finished.

Multiple detail of the upload view inside the app

The app helps prospective students see if they are eligble for that highly competitive program. The app doesn’t stop there and offers further information to help the prospective student prepare for the interview.

Detail view of a people's card inside the app

Being an hospitality school it was important that this application process allows offers an experience with the qualities of a hospitality business. That’s why prospective students get assigned an orientation partner. This partner is visible not just with their name, but also a personal portrait and direct contact details that ensure a personal contact like in any good hotel.

Multiple view of interaction inside the app

At any time the future student can get a calming overview of where he is in the application process. Clear and bold checkmarks reassure the future student of the progress made.

Preview of the second proposition for the app

Not only was the flow of the application app prototyped in multiple versions, the whole User Interface style has also gone through multiple iterations and explorations in order to find the one that better fits the brand story and the hospitality quality of the experience.